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Let the Light In

I got beef. Ground chuck.

I’ve birthed a small fleet of baby cows at this point. Don’t be messin’ with my lights. With the whole CFL change over-thingy goes all that’s decent in the way of home lighting and the like. Stocking up on a plethora of incandescents seems foolish- wasted space to name one. Thankfully (though still begrudgingly) I’m slowly finding the coiled bulbs masked within the familiar bulbous bulb (redundancy, I know you) to be satisfactory. On one condition. They MUST fall the very furthest on the warm side of the lumen scale in order for them to even hope to mimic the warmth of an incandescent. At work, all the lights were replaced with cool white and I promptly shut them off. Luckily, there’s a window providing sufficient daylight to compensate, for, I won’t be subject to the dismal light of a Joe Versus the Volcano work environment. Moo.


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