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You know that quote by Amy Poehler that's been floating around a while now? Here's my favorite portion of it: "I want to be around people that dream and support and do things." I'm not a fan of faddish language when it’s used by pretty much anyone over the age of twenty-five- all those terms constantly peppered throughout Buzzfeed post titles. Feels like a desperate grasp at youth somehow, extra (see what I did there), though, I know, I know, it’s likely just a habit formed from lots of exposure.

The word “extra.” When used to denote negative, dramatical actions by others, it fits. Some though, try using it to level those that attempt anything of excellence, the doers being cut down by the do-nots. To do things (do things well, that is), requires extra- extra effort and ability. I'm of the school that'd quickly suggest that those that cry extra are, in fact, not enough. Not in their human worth, but in their all too human critical behavior. (Tell us how you really feel about it, Deborah.) Raising a fork full of cobbler, and dreaming of new things to support and do.


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