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Hi! I’m Deborah Davis, AKA Biddlefufty,

a Tacoma, Washington-based designer and illustrator.

b site about 03.png

is Hebrew
for "bee"

from there

to here




Artist statements written and presented in third person? No, thanks. Less formality, more humanity, please. A fan of dichotomy, I like to pair items as such- clean with dirty, smooth with rough, dark with light, and so on. Juxtaposing the highly-realistic with that of flat-planed simplicity at times. I love images that hint at a story to be told, and adore words with their power to tell said stories, from their sound, to their shape, and meaning. I've a soft spot for nostalgia- the vintage, retro, and kitsch with a touch of whimsy, sometimes clever, most often colorful. 


Design statements? Sure, why not. I love (!) bringing order to a thing- to find, organize, and assign meaning. Then, make it aesthetically pleasing, enhancing its function with a little well placed form. Hopefully it all goes towards providing something useful, informative, inspiring, or encouraging! Worthy aspirations, if ever. 

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