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Is anyone else totally into that show Lost on ABC? My sister bought it, and I’ve been watching the Season I episodes since Sunday when I’m home working on stuff. It’s so good! Locke and Charlie are my favorite characters. Locke’s got that odd thing about him where you don’t know if he’s a really good guy with a heart of gold, or if he’ll take a machete to everyone. If he had one available, that is. Kind of a mysterious guy. Don’t think I’ve seen that actor around before, but he’s got one of the best smiles. His mouth not only smiles, his eyes do. And Charlie, Dominic Monaghan, is a funny little man. So, now I’m gonna be all emotionally invested in these characters and channel 4 doesn’t even come in for me! Maybe I’ll have someone tape it so I can watch Season II without having to wait a year before it’s available on DVD.

It’s nearly dark out now. I’ve gotta go out to the store and buy a canvas and some brushes and a birthday present for a friend, too. And, grab some dinner. And, I’m off …


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