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A few weeks back, I drove by a theater marquee with the headline “Blue October Tonight” promptly pulling over to grab a pic to send Bean’s way. How’d we miss that? A band favorite from times past, it appears that their tour bus was right in front of me and soon enough, the lead singer walks by out for a stroll.

I have this rule about not engaging with famous folk figuring they endure many an interruption as it is. However, I felt on the hook to provide a story for Bean as she very much enjoys interacting with those that’ve moved her in some way. So! I drove up the street, popped into a store, snagging a pic as he walked by the window in full starry-eyed action. I turned to head back to the car as I saw that he was turning back as well where we’d likely intersect on the sidewalk outside.

"Justin? From Blue October?" I say. He pops out his earphones, smiling with his hand extended, and I thank him for his music over the years and wish him an excellent show that night. He responds with thanks, asking if I'll be attending. I share that I've just found out they're in town to which he says I should come to the show, he can put me on the guest list, taking out his phone. We can attend the soundcheck if we’d like as well! Crazy pants!

A few more exchanged pleasantries and I floated back to my car to call Bean with the news that she was invited to join me. What a joyous experience, considering that morning marked a month of our dad’s passing.


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