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Visited a couple galleries in Pioneer Square a few months back. A friend’s been taking art classes, and it’s opened her up to a whole new world, one in which she’s beginning to speak one of my languages now. So glad to be her go-to companion for artly excursions.

Stopped short on the way to the first gallery when I caught site of a nifty sculpture kinda deal hanging off the side of the building in an alley. That there, on the right. Was thrilled to find that the upstairs of the first gallery looked out across to the very sculpture.

My friend was wonderfully supportive, proclaiming my work better than any of the work viewed that day. Certainly felt good, as she’s not one for flattery. Still, the stuff we viewed focused more on a conceptual idea versus an excellent execution, something to always differentiate in accessing the work of others. Perhaps that’s covered in the next class.


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