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Bed Covers

The current configuration in all its layered languor. Here, an excerpt from a recentish read. Alain de Botton reminds me that the passageway between worlds- that of slumber to wake- is still a favorite, sometimes melancholy and wistful, other times accompanied by the relief of reality depending on the frights produced at night’s whim.

ON WAKING: ”It is a wonder that we manage to be so outwardly docile, an arm or leg only infrequently stirring, while we travel on such ghost trains. Once the alarm has rung, the accountant has little choice but to head for the bathroom without doing justice to her visions. Sentimental associations and impossible longings are shut downSentimental associations and impossible longings are shut down, and the self is reassembled as an apparently coherent entity, with stable commitments and a prescribed future. Yet in the haze of dawn, she feels for a few moments as if she still had a foot in both worlds, parts of herself holding on to the dreams as others soberly go through motions with the taps and the toothbrush. But with time, the drawbridge to the night is pulled up, and soon all that is left is the noise of running water and, on a ledge by the windows, a bottle of shampoo on which is printed bold letters, in an implicit assertion of the supremacy of diurnal reality, the familiar yet peculiar phrase ‘All-In-One conditioner’.” -excerpt from The Pleasures and Sorrows of Work by Alain de Botton


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