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So I have this rather lovely plant holder hanging out on my balcony. It houses a fakey-fake fern complete with a bit of cobweb wisping off one of the frond stem thingies if you look closely. Had the real deal in there the first three years I lived here, but the fern up and died along with my hydrangea and some other nondescript plant all at the time. Feeling ganged up on by greenery, I stuck this faker in there and have called it good ever since. Know what’s not fake though? The little birdie family that’ve made the vessel their home this past spring. Once it’s warm enough, I throw open all the windows and such till October finds its way back around. I was hanging out on the couch at one point and kept hearing a sporadic racket from outside (The Sporadic Rackets playing in a town near you!). I happened to look up right as a little bird flew to the ledge of the plant holder, before dipping inside. A cacophony of sound arose! Out flew the bird and the sound was silenced instantaneously as though a switch was flipped.



And scene.

More Flowers


There’s since been bits of branch scattered about on the bench cushion below and I see the little things hippety-hopping about all the time, having taken up ownership of every shelf space and bird-sized pocket to be found. This, of course, also means poop- but it’s worth it. Not much to clean up thus far. Went out to capture some pics of my newish flower box plantings and happened to see this little one hanging out in a plant. I could’ve touched the thing, it was so close. Had me wondering if it was hurt, frozen in fear, diligently protective of nearby babies or wishfully, comfortable and familiar with my presence.



As for Brown ’n’ Blue, they, or perhaps another same only different pair, have begun a new nest out front. When the maintenance men washed away the plethora of Pollock poo last year, they took out the nest as well much to my dismay. One of the office goons was showing a family the place across from mine and spotted the droppings of mud on the pavement that didn’t manage to stick to the wood beam. Someone promptly came and washed the nest beginnings away. Then last week, as I took the last steps to my front door in arriving home (from holding Edie, no doubt!), the two birds flew right past me having been seated nearby. They’ve begun again! It’s been a week since, and no further progress just yet, though I’ll be faithful to sweep away any further mud remnants (and subsequent poo!) in hopes of warding off additional dastardly attempts at removal.

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