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But what are you DOING about it? Much like sarcasm is low hanging fruit, so is cynicism. It's easy, or another word, *cringe* lazy. Point a finger, throw out some judgment, and sit on the bench for yet another day, week, year, *gasp* lifetime. Or! Identify the parts of your own portion of this big, little world that could use a hand, and begin. Pray for changes of heart- theirs AND yours- to become and remain teachable. Discard the bitterness and jaded attitude that accompany cynicism, for it's the HEART behind a thing that matters, always. Pluck what's left- perception- to carry forward, paired with optimism and in way of balance, discernment, i.e., no brushing stuff under the rug. Hurt will happen. That's what healing's for. Participate. SHOW UP!

What I tell myself.

What I fail at often.

What I'll keep attempting.

Not in my strength, but in His.


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