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Infinite Soups and they aren’t kiddin’. A hole-in-the-wall, cash-only-kinda-deal. Creamy and non, vegan and vegetarian, too. With both soup and records, I’m a regular. I always ask the guy what he’s played lately, and if nothing’s currently on, he comes out from behind the counter to start me up.

3 Cheese Potato • Bacon Cheddar • Beef Barley • Beef and Black Bean Chili • Black Bean Cheddar • Bratwurst Cheddar • Broccoli Cheddar • Caribbean Red Bean • Chicken and Artichoke • Chicken Basil Artichoke • Cheddar Black Bean • Chicken Enchilada • Chicken Gorgonzola Tortellini • Chicken Noodle • Chicken Paprikash • Chipotle Corn Chowder • Coconut Curry Potato • Country Pork and Potato • Cream Of Chipotle • Creamy Chicken and Onion • Creamy Country Pork • Creamy Italian Chicken • Creamy Leek Chicken • Creamy Mediterranean Chicken • Creamy Tomato Dill • Creamy Tomato Basil • Curried Kale and Tofu • Curried Peas and Rice • Egyptian Chicken • Farmhouse Vegetable • French Onion Potato • Green Chile Chicken and Rice • Green Chile Potato Cheddar • Hunters Meatball • Italian Chicken and Mushroom • Italian Sausage and Polenta Stew • Lemon Basil Artichoke • Lemon Basil Chicken • Lemon Cilantro Chicken • Mushroom Basil Tortellini • Mushroom Stroganoff • Pesto Mushroom • Peppered Beef and Blue Cheese • Peppered Parmesan Potato • Pizza Supreme • Pork and Black-eyed Peas • Pork Pozole Rojo • Pork Vegetable Barley • Potato Leek • Potato Mushroom • Roasted Beef Barley • Roasted Vegetable Barley • Southwest Beef Chowder • Spicy Curried Vegetable • Spring Vegetable • Smoky Beef Chili • Thai Freedom • Thai Peanut • Tomato Gorgonzola • Tuscan Chicken • West African Peanut • White Bean Chipotle • Yellow Split Pea

Well, yeah, you get the point.


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