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I am at work. Should I be adding a new blog entry here? Haha, a break, I have. I don’t like that word “blog.” At all! Add it to the list. It’s an ugly word that makes me think of something like soggy boogers, or something. the “bl” as in bleh, and that “og” at the end. Yucky. None too nice on the ears.

Well, tonight I have much to do! All the “have-to’s” before the “get-to’s”! Hope I’m not too tired once I finally get around to some of those “get-to’s”! Some very important letter writing and prize planning to work on. Sunday night, I started my Christmas shopping! Impromptu! Wasn’t planning on it, just stopped into the store in between the job and the friends, and voila! Perfect little gifts began popping up left and right! I had to go back and get a cart.

Yesterday was a magical day! It marked 216 more days, my favorite number, until the meeting of the century! Alright, duty calls. More newspaper pages to spool …


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