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LA POST 6 I’ve been curious to visit the Laurel Canyon area due to its musical heritage in decades past, and that meant a stop at the Canyon Country Store immortalized as “the store where the creatures meet” in the hit song Love Street by The Doors in ’68.

The Laurel Canyon area is its own little world, a decided mood, hills with brief glimpses of openish land and homesteads tucked in amidst the hills that wind up, down, and back around again. Drive down a hill to the very bottom, and you’re abruptly deposited back into the hustle and bustle of the city, like a switch flipped from the semi-peaceful, more rural scene experienced just moments before. The store itself is full of mart items, coffee and deli service, and has a bevy of odes to its musical roots posted throughout on walls, shelves, and counters, one of the most obvious being the cut wood sign available out front.

Later on, we drove to the Santa Monica Pier, enjoying time jumping waves on the shore as the sun set before heading up to ride the rides, catch some dinner, and people watch.


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