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It's ZOBMONDO! Thought I'd give Zobmondo a go. Zobwhat, you may ask? It's a "would you rather" game. Questions, often fairly grody questions, where you're asked to choose between the two options provided. Show me your sickness. which of two evils would you choose, and why? RULES, SCHMULES: Phrases such as "I won't choose either,” "Neither one,” "Who cares?,” and "I would rather die" should never be uttered in a given answer. The questions are meant to be nonsense, mindless semi-entertainment. Hey, at least they aren't in a bulletin post with a threat attached stating that your 3rd child will be born with no forehead if you don't reply in 0.8 seconds, yes? Let the fact that this is just a game of questions, and not a game of dares to complete nasty, nasty tasks in reality, maybe make your day a bit brighter. You gotta go with the choices presented, no altering. And any fun to be had lies in not only choosing, but in telling WHY. I'll post two questions. One tame, one not. Answer one. Or answer both. Will post more if there are responses. Will still love you, if there aren't. :) 1.

Suck the white dried spit off the edges of a speaker's lips after a two-hour talk OR Suck the crud that gathers in the corner of a cat's eye? 2.

Be stupid and rich OR Be smart and poor?


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