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Last Wednesday, I answered the phone to Bean hurriedly asking if we should go to The Rolling Stones that night, that there were a buncha el cheapo tickets available, making Edie’s first concert an epically iconic band.

I curate an Edie playlist consisting of Elmo, Disney’s Frozen, Moana, and Wreck-it Ralph, tunes the likes of Old MacDonald, some Sunday school classics, aaand one Mister David Bowie. She sometimes wears a tee featuring his face, so I educated her about his role in history and introduced her to her first Bowie tune, Let’s Dance (because we do), among others. She now regularly points out his face and/or songs when in public. I asked her if she’d like to go listen to music by The Rolling Stones, that Mick Jagger, David Bowie’s friend, would be singing that evening.

Here’s Edie and Daddy mugging for the camera on the way into the stadium. Not having been introduced to the band’s mouth logo, Edie still got it right, pulling this face, as did Shane. And though not visible, she’s wearing RED boots. Now when asked if she remembers what band she saw, she answers, “David Bowie’s friend.”


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