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Spinning Hat Bookends

Long live the vinyl.

For Christmas, Bean gave me these fantabulous bookends made from old records. Repurposing is a beautiful thing! Though this particular item does make me feel a bit for the music. Find them at

One Pot Chicken and Brown Rice

One Pot Chicken and Brown Rice.

This was far more delicious than I imagined it’d be. Simple, simple, simple- chop up some stuff and dump it in the pan, cover and simmer where the magic apparently happens, allowing for all the flavors to intermingle and saturate the rice. Made it again the very next week even, which just doesn’t happen much, as variety is a muse.

“Stovetop Burner


There’s so much beauty to be found in the ugly. To me, this is rather ugly. And yet, I’m finding beauty, maybe it’s in composition, possibly in the repetition of coils, likely the light’s play on the stained rim.

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