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A goal: aside from laughing, I’m gonna die young. I may be 120 years old, but I’ll be young. Hope you’ll be too.

I’ve been watching documentaries on graffiti and street art recently, as well as the Soap tv series from the late seventies. Bean bought it for me last year at some point, as it starred Billy Crystal. I couldn’t remember having seen it growing up, so she thought she’d help jog my memory. It did! Spotted Robert Englund as a cameo cult member which was a bonus.

Strung Along

Here’s one of my plants two years ago, a succulent that knows no bounds at the moment. It began its ascension rapidly, despite being classified as a ground cover plant. It deserves a new photo to capture all the coiling that’s taken place along the stems since then. It’s a weirdo and I like it.

Working on the company catalog (my leastest favoritest project) and watching Candyman, the tale of the Jelly Belly jelly beans inventor. Highlights so far include a Weird Al appearance and the knowledge that there was once a Bean room in which lived a dog named Poopy. Product and name correlation? Hope not.


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