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I kind of have a cat.

The long-haired black kitty mentioned a few years back seemingly belongs to the people a few floors below me. She’s had such spotty attendance in my life, but has made herself (a pink collar complete with a bobo bell thingy says female) a familiar spirit for the last halfish year. She takes up residence under the chair just outside my front door sometime ’round midnight. It’s been extra cold lately, so I bought one of those mats that supposedly self warms and a little bed to rest on top of it to tuck under the chair in her spot. I took some cardboard down to recycle really late the other night, and when I opened the door there she was all curled up. She looked up at me when I lightly set a box on the chair, but didn’t stir. This morning, she spotted me from three flights down and ran up them all to stop at my side. God bless all the kind kitties from catual experiences in recent years that’ve chased fear far from my heart, and with it, oh so importantly, went the loathsome hate. It only took, years.


Because it’s my favorite Friday, I’ve been informed by a few coworkers of The No Sleep podcast. Gonna save it for daytime work listening rather than nighttime aloneinthedark listening.


Noshing on a few of these (Noshing? This one’s not among my common usage, don’t think I’ll reuse it) at the moment. They’re from my sister because she knows me. I like love being known.


Heading to the roller derby tomorrow, though the thought of roller skates coupled with a general release of pent up aggression along with an often heavily punned alter egoed name leaves me to ponder why I’ll just be watching rather than participating. Then I remember the need for a helmet and all that padding.


Lunch was ramen, ramen, rousing ramen. Reminds me of this fantastic bowl of spicy negi from months back. So beguiling that I tucked in right away before I could capture a proper pic of the impressive scallion nest resting atop it.

The last few songs that’ve played all spoke of a light in the the darkness. *lights candle*

*catual- not a word (I know of), it just felt like it fit


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