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“A man may be so much of everything, that he is nothing of everything.” -Samuel Johnson

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The way I take this statement is to relate it to that of objectivity, that friend to devil’s advocate, in which one approaches matters openly with impartiality, the best bet to being just and fair in a world so often not. That said, one must do well to balance it all with the heart, or risk becoming dispassionate and indifferent. In standing open to everything, one chances standing for nothing, and one could argue that it’s better to stand for what may be wrong than for nothing. For, at least in standing for something wrong, one employs the act of caring and where one cares, correction can be applied and received, whereas with the indifference of remaining eternally open, well, who cares?

Black and Red Tapestry

Umbrellaed Person

Humming! At its most wicked.

At least now we know what the tooth fairy does with all those baby teeth, huh?

I enjoy a good Vince(nt). Here it’s a twofer.


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