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“Be kind to unkind people- they need it the most.” -Unknown Author

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Do they ever! Once upon a time, a world away, I walked the earth with a heart full of bitterness, harsh and critical, snippy and snappy, set off by any little thing, sporadic and about as moody as one can possibly get. What I secretly wanted, desperately needed, and could’ve used far more frequently- was a kind word to cut right through to the root of it all- the massive ball of hurt residing on the inside too wrapped up in all the armor of indignant anger and growing rage to be identified as the masked pain that it really was for some time.

Though there’s a place for taking a stand, commanding respect, teaching others how to treat you, and accountability for another’s behavior, there’s also a reason a soft answer turns away wrath, most flies will prefer honey and all of that. So, when next encountered by an unkind soul, take a deep breath, and then proceed in treating them with the kindness you may wish they’d been first to offer you.

They really do need it. I know.

Jeremy Irons

Gibson Guitar

Done good n’ proper, “quite kissed.” No obtrusive candy bar here …

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