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“Let me forget about today until tomorrow.” -Bob Dylan

• • • • • • •

Am taking those words to define as my own, applying them to life as I know it!

There are hopes and dreams that reside in my future.

The longing of them, in fact, has gone and seemingly eclipsed all of the work required to reach them in my today.

Still, must forgo and forget that longing of today, and leave it all for tomorrow.

Remaining, shall again be the steps, the keys, the work to allow me to at last reach them.

After all … tomorrow is another [to]day, so says Miss O’ Hara.

Painting of Woman In Field

Painting of Clouds

[to] added by me, truly making that quote- and life- when coupled with the Dylan quote, feel like one stupendous catch-22!

Arthur Herbert Fonzarelli. The Fonz!

And so began obsessions with jackets of leather, rides on motorcycles and many things Italian.

Love the “translation” bits.

And Glover! Crispin.


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