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Rewatched One Flew Over the Cuckoo’s Nest this past week. Uh, yeah, why’d I wait so long to rewatch that, I wonder? Too good! Seriously, I’d forgotten how great Jack is. Just one of those givens I take for granted until I’m freshly acquainted with the work. He’s so handsome in that movie, too. Please clone, and send me one, please. Caught a glimpse of The Shining in flipping channels as well. Love! Seen many, many a frightening film, but was really afraid to watch that one for some reason. Rented it several years back and watched it on mute knowing that the music is what freaks me out, clueing me in on when to sit on edge and preparing me to jump and such. So, the film wasn’t scary for me at all. Because it’s the only one I’ve watched entirely on mute, though, I find that it’s images are fairly well burned into my mind. Especially the color palette Kubrick used in the film. Rewatched it with sound. Favorite, the sound of Danny’s big wheel alternating between rug and hard floor. Watched the extras, and included was footage of Jack waiting around on the set while the crew does it’s thing in preparation for the shot. He comes off as a real down-to-earth-jovial-kinda guy who knows everybody and acknowledges them, too. Duvall on the other hand spends a good deal of time pissing and moaning to the camera about what amounts to being jealous of the attention Jack commands. No wonder I rooted for Jack to get her in the film. So, all this to say, I LOVE THE 30-SECOND BUNNIES!!

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Discovered them last year when I was doing research for one of my Flash animation projects. I so wanna create my own take on it! As homage to them, of course, so as not to rip off their brilliant work. Bean wants me to do Jurassic Park. Dilemma: What other creature is really gonna translate as well as bunnies, though? BUNNIES. The word itself connotes cuteness. I mean, what the heck other animal is gonna be half as effective … hedgehogs? No. Bats? NO. See? Will just have to wait until they create their own Jurassic Park version because I’ve brainstormed lists and lists of little critters, to no avail. The Shining‘s my favorite followed closely by It’s A Wonderful Life. There are a slew of new ones posted I have yet to watch since I last checked the site a few months ago. Oooo, and can’t wait to watch the Casablanca one!

So, it’s all very fitting that I’ve recently viewed The Shining and all, as I’m currently still painting the new place. Should have been done weeks ago, but a host of activity has kept me from completion. So, this weekend continues the painting of the hall walls. They are a deep, lovely red. Red requires more coats than many colors do in order to give an even look, though. Knowing that, I slapped the first coat up a few nights ago, not really paying attention to the overall look of it until Bean pointed out our bloody walls. Yeah, they totally look like dripping, bloody walls (said with faux English accent). A bit creepy, I gotta say. Can’t wait until they’re done!

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