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Those crispety crunchy kernels were meant to be spicy caramel bacon popcorn (just the ticket, yes?) for a family BBQ this past weekend. My thought process went as follows: Spicy, what’s better than spicy? Why, MORE Spicy. Sadly, heavy-handed heat did nothing but to entirely and completely mask any and all sweetness to be had from the caramel (six cups of sugar muted and even the bacon in all its boldness might as well’ve stayed home.) And actually, it did stay, as I was bummed that I’d botched the batch, and was none too keen on sharing it. Though now that I rethink it, this stuff could’ve made for an excellent squirrel deterrent in keeping the rascally rodents far from my dad’s bird feeders. Once at the BBQ, all was blue sky and sunshine, a day-on-into-the-night that was good for my soul.


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