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How happy was I yesterday morning? Very! Snow for about a half hour. None of it stuck, but still, snow, it was! Love! I stared out the window much of that half hour just looking up at the flakes coming down. If it’s gonna be cold, it should at least look pretty, I’m thinking. I hope there is a ton of snow at some point this coming winter. We haven’t been dumped on in a few years now, where it stuck for any significant amount of time, at least, and I love when the sometimes monotonous, day in and day out, gets broken up by snow or a good black out. A nice walk in the snow is long overdue. When the snow finds a way to accumulate on even the tiniest of little twigs stemming from one of the many branches on the barren trees in the woods. Beautiful. Oooh, and when some of the round little red berries out and about get encased in ice, too.

A big boo to that.

Sunday was great fun! Went to watch a good friend cross the finish line in a 1/2 marathon. As I stood waiting, I kept a tally running in my head of the runners. Two with sunglasses, one without a shirt on, three with headphones, five couples, three people smiling, all of these small little tallies on over at least a hundred or more people. Out of the five thousand that ran. I was really surprised that no one was really smiling. Sure, I know what it is to be huffing and puffing, tired and out of breath, but still, all those people just accomplished something they set out to do and only three of them were smiling? A big boo to that. Standing there earnestly waiting for Shannon (hey, pretty girl!), hoping not to miss her in the increasing sea of people, I was all set to see her round the corner with a look of determination and maybe the desire to cry, not because she couldn’t hack it, but because she would be tired and emotional from finishing. But, no! There was Shan, at last! Huge, wonderful smile on her face! That made my day. The fourth smile! So worth the wait to see. Don’t think she stopped smiling the whole time afterwards either. Shan, you rock!

Afterwards, I spent the afternoon hunting down gifts for my sister for Christmas. It was a gorgeous afternoon! Sun, even. It felt very much like the Christmas season. If I could hug the city somehow, with all its cracked sidewalks, old buildings, window displays, random bums and street performers, I would. I love it soooooo much. Caught a bus home. Missed the first one, though! Had my mind elsewhere, thoughts of someone. I envisioned this great scenario where I was walking down the sidewalk across the street from the bus depot. It’s a great little bit of sidewalk, and I thought how someday, we may walk down that sidewalk together, and then my mind turned to thoughts of wares and such. ;)

Well, that seems to be enough of a ramble for now …


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