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“Quite Right!”

Oh, my goodness, this little girl was a total riot (and oh so quiet!), a miniature, she is, causing her to have to tilt her well-maned horsey-head up to poke out through the standard-sized stall bars for treats and love, giving her eyes the most comical appearance in peering up at me. Thinking she looks a bit like a camel in this shot, yes?

Cherry Pie

In the sky.

An excellent night! Add another Carlos to the mix- they’re stackin’ up- some way loud rock ‘n’ roll, a microphone, or two, and a ton of obscenely good salsa: makes for a gathering to remember one who left all too soon, but left his mark all the same.

And pie? None this time around, but the memory of a recent slice lingers.



Music, art, warm ‘n’ toasty beverages, yay! Beyond the Bridge Cafe recent hangouts include almost-finished sketchbooks and cheeky in-the-know words exchanged with the handsome fella who served me up with their Shot in the Dark.


Puppy love.

Mia loves me.

She pretty much loves everyone.

But, she loooves, me! Or so it would seem. Hey, when a Pit Bull jumps up, plops down on your lap, and remains for the better of three hours, what other conclusion may one draw, huh? Big dog, little lap, thank heaven for the support of a sprawling settee!


To a flame.

My chefly cousin preparing a feast! Taught me all about the beauty of homemade tortilla chips with a little lime and salt.

Venus Chalk Drawing

If you will.

A choice lady beneath one’s feet.


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