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I was in the drive-thru at McDonald’s recently. (Hey, it happens.) The cashier told me to pull forward and they’d bring out my order shortly. There was a monstrosity of a truck in front of me already awaiting their order as well, but I see that if I ease just close enough, the lady behind me can pull forward to the window and proceed in picking up her own order. Sure, she may have to wait a moment to pull away just as I do, but food in hand is a win. While she tends to the transaction, I look down to my phone on which I access the book I’m reading currently. I hear honking and look up to see the woman from behind now attempting to pass me and the truck ahead in the less than adequate space adjacent us. She’s got an ice cream cone in her right hand that she intermittently licks from and is shaking her left hand at me angrily. She’s mouthing stuff about a phone.


Does she not see the monstrocity of a truck barring my/our way?

Does she really think I’ve stopped short in the drive-thru line to play on my phone?

With two hands clearly busy, just who is driving her forward-moving vehicle?

I wanted to vindicate myself, point out I was reading a “book,” I’m not a phone fiddler, and I’d done her an intended favor by creeping forward enough to allow her to gain access to that everloving ice cream, but no, I accepted the fact, it was really just a dragon situation.


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