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All sorts of good things last weekend! A concert out at the gorge in George, for one. An always gorgeous view, and the site of my very first concert from years ago. AFI, Thirty Seconds to Mars and Linkin Park were close to perfection. Interactive, inviting, bursting with energy, loud and well paced, and still nuanced in all the sounds we’ve come to expect from each song. Received a book in the mail just before hitting the road as well. Signed up for info from the author last year at some point and got a free read out of it. Nice! Unexpected, inspirational and the best texture in cover paper as well. A snack stop on the way revealed a restocking of l’orange Hostess cupcakes which I happily purchased as they kick the chocolate variety’s little coco bum. An hour in, Bean hears me krinkling the wrapper in the backseat and responds with “really?” She pulls out her own duo of l’orange cupcakes from the glovebox, and then juts her fingernails forward: blue, my very shade.


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