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Had a huge hankering for onion rings recently, but am on a healthish kick, so tried cooking up a baked ring variety with great success! Could even wear these as bracelets during the day, ensuring a quick snack at all times.

Nose plug not included.

Note: When one is sick, it’s best to not proceed in cooking a massive bunch of caramelized onions as this will only further aid in magnifying their sickness. Sorry, Bean!

Thought I’d cook up a batch of that s’wonderfully sweet brown onion goodness for spreading on sandwiches and adding to a variety of yummy dishes only to be reminded that once the initial grilled onion aroma dissipates, a sickly pungent smell remains not only through the night, but on into the next morning, even with the use of the kitchen fan and opening of all and any windows and doors.

Here, they’re only beginning their caramelization, still in the inoffensive phase.


Beetly beauty.

Attempted a recipe for beet chips.

ONE: because I like to attempt recipes from time to time that don’t necessarily sound appealing. I’ve found it’s a lovely way to be pleasantly surprised, and life can always use more pleasant surprises.

TWO: because they looked darn pretty!

Here, the rounds on the cutting board before heading to the hot oven where I promptly became distracted and forgot their utter existence resulting in charred blackened none-too-well-scented remains. Another time, maybe.

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