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Serving Green River soda and lime shakes!

Unless I can go back in time and visit Sinatra’s Vegas, I’ve never had much desire to go, I could take it or leave it. One caveat: totally wanna go to the neon sign graveyard museum shindig-of-a-place located there that I’ve seen in many a film and video. Love old signage vedy, vedy much.


Am I blue?

Well, Jiminy and Cricket. Having trouble getting words out at the moment, everything that comes to mind sounds cryptic or flippant or passive aggressive. Tried some silly faces (see l’above), spun round in my favorite chair, listened to a little Billie- Doodle’s so sweet, saw a CD of Holiday while out n’ about, thought of me, and dropped if off- fit the bill. The Boys Made Some Noise and I’ve just now finished up a horror movie.



One of a handful of birthday outings- friends took me on a scavenger hunt! Encore! Loved it. Each new place arrived at held another item for me to don in birthday attire, a balloon, and lovely words of rhyme (best part!) clueing me in as to where we’d head next. Some destinations contained gifts, others food, ending ultimately, at the theatre. They know me well. At the end of the night, I had a bouquet of red heart balloons! Minus one, gave a little girl one on the way home. They’ve since taken up residence in my room as a reminder that I am loved, even if it’s not yet as much as I’d like to be.



This plant thing makes me smile. I like to think that it enjoys that there rock plunked down in the middle of it as opposed to finding it obtrusive and rude in any way.


And because it’s better on a stick.

Sam-a-lamma and Soph! I love munchkins so flippin’ much. They manage to keep me youthful in life’s outlook, all the while requiring that I continually reach and stretch and grow. Cookie pops, because two fun words are better than one.


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