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Election night left a ball of sickness and disbelief in the pit of my stomach. A sentiment echoed many times over out there in the ugly and still lovely world. I stayed up late to learn the outcome, crying it out over the phone with my dad. I woke to a call at 5:30 a.m. the next morning, my sister crying, her voice cracking in sheer rage, having just learned the news. In the many years Shane has known her, he says he’s never witnessed her that riled up, which is really saying something for those that know her wrath.

My main issue lies with Trump’s deplorable lack of character and seeming inability to humble himself and become teachable, further exacerbated by the incredulous number of people supporting him- worse- Christians. Frickaroo. I understand voting for party beliefs versus the actual candidate. I understand overlooked rural Americans desperate enough to vote for anyone that seems like they could shake things up and provide change, any change, much like the child desperate for attention acts out and prefers to receive negative attention to none at all.

I know not to put my faith in people- in God alone- but that doesn’t keep me from experiencing deep disappointment in humanity, having thought we’d progressed a bit further past the racism that’s been brought to light and exercised seemingly more viciously since election day. I know it’s always been there, and likely always will be- it’s a sad human fact that we jump to judge the differences among us when fueled by fear that’s turned to anger. Scapegoat city, passing the buck, a blame game. No, no, and no.

I took that to heart, knowing it to be among the utmost of truths.I think I feel betrayed by my generation, those who’ve been raised alongside me. Were they not paying attention? When I was taught in school that America was a melting pot, that everyone was of equal worth, I took that to heart, knowing it to be among the utmost of truths. My friends from a very young age were from many races and ethnicities, and the shows I watched on tv only went to reinforce this truth. Differences are to be celebrated and are a contrast to the commonalities that link us all, even the most diverse. I can get along with absolutely anyone if they’re open to it, finding common ground with those I oppose to the very core on many issues. Objectivity is among my most favorite of practices and a most highly praised trait in others. Why- because we feel so deeply, and to be able to put that aside, to recognize the feeling separately from the issue is the way to fair and just assessments and hopefully actions.

I’ve been operating under the guise that we were all a bit further along than the recent acts of heightened racism that feel decades old would now have me believe. And that’s just it- have me believe. What’s true? What’s media manipulated, opposing party fabricated?

Every time I’ve attempted a post since Trump won, I end up brain deep in my own drivel grumping about the current state of political affairs, and more so, the rotten behavior displayed by more people than I can count, from both parties.

Screw that.

The incessant yammering from both sides is more than a little grating at this point. For those appalled by Trump’s behavior and combating it in this manner, they’re hardly shining a light on the doing of wrong, or informing others of truth. They’re sounding puppets spreading the very ick they claim to be opposing, doing the media’s bidding. They have the right to do so, but is it doing anybody any good? Or are they just commiserating? Being validated by like-minded believers that they’re indeed correct and whew!- won’t have to actually grow, stretch or learn anything. At all. Yes, what clever zing can they think of next- congrats on being completely ineffective and simply adding to the droning noise. That tasty soundbite’s really gonna have them seeing the light now. Such bites quickly dissolve into mockery, the language of bullies.

If the average human would stop posting third rate poorly sourced opinions thinly veiled as news articles, and instead share something of their life, original content- doing what they can with what they have where they are- that’d be greeeat. I want no part of the former.

See? What did I write many lines above? Drivel.

For a while there it felt like the world couldn’t possibly continue. Yet here we are.


I’m gonna keep trying to magnify the good, rather than go on about the plethora of bad. I employ realism, and then choose optimism with eyes wide open, because nothing else is gonna land a result I’m remotely interested in. Cynicism is incredibly easy, an out that doesn’t require much on the part of the cynic.

I’ll say it again, magnify the good. Don’t wash over the bad, per say, rather block it out with consistent sharing and trumpeting of what’s good and kind and right in the world. Make it bigger, bigger than all the fear and hate, the pettiness and offense riddling so many, causing them to create battles rather than choose battles.

Me, I don’t need the like-minded, I want the like-hearted.

Chain of Gossip painting by Norman Rockwell

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