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Today was a great day, I tell you! I received the neatest of gifts from the neatest man I know. Made my day! I drove all the way to work like a smiling fool. It was a very Deborah-specific gift, to be sure. Aren’t those the best kinds of gifts, too? The ones that only someone who has taken the time to notice what you like, can give.

In other news, Jess, you kind girl, you. Bean told me all about Fiona Apple playing at the Paramount this coming Wednesday night and how you looked into tickets for us. I hear you have class so it won’t workout, but even so, the fact that it was a possibility really helped make my week. If it weren’t for you and Bryan being so generous with the free tickets over the last few years, I would have been concert-less and play-less on my meek little budget. So, thank you! Ok, that aside is complete …

Tonight I’ll be working on my Christmas shopping mission! A plan of attack, if you will. I so want to run right off to the stores and continue with what’s begun already, but I know I will go crazy and spend too much on something over here, when the money was meant for something over there. So instead, I will be a wise one and make a list.


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