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Gotta empty the mind before sleep will come …

I can forgive you, the forget part still needs work.

Lobster is overrated.

Never been to a therapist.

I despise the pirating of music.

I’ve never broken a bone. Knock on wood!

I’ve been stalked before. Mildly.

I own a pair of blue seude shoes.

I have a crush on the supermarket checkout guy based entirely on how he looks.

I sucked my thumb until I was 15-years-old. Then I got braces.

I played with Barbies. I still do sometimes.

A slice of mild cheddar, a Kosher dill pickle and a piece of white bread with crunchy peanut butter, never smooth, is a fantastic snack! Yep, yep.

I can tie a cherry stem in a knot with my tongue. Twice. I must be a good kisser … ;)

I own an acoustic guitar. My sister owns an electric. We still can’t play much yet.

I’m six feet tall sometimes with the right heels.

I used to be proud of the fact that I could verbally shred a person down to a withered pool of tears. Now, it’s enough to know that I could still do it, but choose not to.

This year, I’d like to be someone’s wonderwall.

I’m picky when it comes to marinara sauce.

“Craptastic!”is a really fun hybrid.

My dad is one of my very best friends.

It’s better to have loved and lost than never to have loved at all. And if you don’t believe that, then you weren’t loved right.

At one point, I didn’t own a single item of clothing that didn’t have paint spattered on it somewhere.

Someday, I’ll meet my last first kiss.

I hate when a person makes a joke at the expense of another.

Pulling on a pair of new socks makes everything better!

So does a new Sharpie pen.

I’m an aspiring souffle maker.

I own a phonograph from the 1930’s along with a hefty collection of big band records and 45s.

The words “scrumptious” and “brand-spankin'” delight me.

I don’t eat chicken off the bone too often. It still resembles the bird too much! Ew.

I appreciate satire.

I saw four bald eagles flying about at close range today while dining near the waterfront. Gorgeous!

And, two sea lions. But, they weren’t flying.

Wonder why they don’t make the entire plane out of the material that they make the indestructable black box out of …

I live in a constant state of expectancy … right now the expectancy of a great night’s sleep.



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