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My most favorite of Muppets, Sweetums, AKA John Henson passed away this last month. On my birthday, there was a great illustration of him nestled in among the decorations. Turns out Bean drew it for me as an ode of sorts in case I’d heard about his passing and was especially bummed about its timing. She could tell by my reaction upon seeing it that I hadn’t yet heard, as I didn’t immediately lament his untimely death. She stayed quiet and told me about it later in the week by which time I’d read all about it. I think the eightish-nine year old neighbor kid ended up saying it best this evening while kicking the ball around with a friend, “Well, frickety-friggin-friggy-frick.”

I’ll be off to enjoy the latest Muppet movie sometime this weekend, loved ones in tow. Composed a few images in way of accompanying visuals above, taking care to add in a necessary heart for x-ray Kermie.


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