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Chicken and veggie soup simmers on the stove currently and a maintenance man installs a new lock and door knob down the hall. I’m illustrating tomato wedges and mushroom slices and readying to head out and about for the evening.

And now I’ve checked the news.

John Pinette, one of my favorite comedians has passed away. My family presented me tickets on my birthday to see him this May. We love to be shown the buffet! My dad quotes key lines regularly.

Enjoyed a walk along the beach a few weeks back, showing yet another of Shane’s brothers around. Carl’s fraternal twin, Sam, is here from England for a whole entire year, and he felt like family instantly. Captured some views that’ll do to see John out, the sun glittering off the water as it makes its way into the horizon only to rise up elsewhere. Follow suit and defy gravity just this once, John. Do an up, not a down.


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