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Who has an awesome bro-in-law? I do, I do! Words, they aren’t always enough to offer the deepest of thanks desired, but they’re certainly a place to start! As mentioned in my post about our dad’s passing, he struggled with dementia the last several years. During that time, Bean, Shane, and I took over more and more of the tasks that keep a person living on their own, little freedoms that many of us take for granted in life. When a catheter bag became necessary, a whole new level of care was added to the mix, and in enters my highlighting Shane’s exceptional gift of time and commitment given in caring for our dad.

He took on the role of power of attorney so that neither Bean nor I would be unequally saddled with the duty. He stopped by our dad’s many times after work to check on his medications. He dealt with doctors, taking Dad to and from his appointments. Shane took him into their home to live for months, bathed him, until our dad was at last settled into assisted living just minutes from us all, where Shane then continued to do his laundry. There are countless(!) acts, too many to name.

Though Shane isn’t big on the socials such as FB, I’m happy to shout his praise to you all, even so. Thank you (again), Shane, for all that you’ve done to honor our dad who loved you like the son he never had. Your efforts shielded Bean and I from some of the intimate struggles afflicting our dad, allowing him his dignity. I’ve posted this family pic before, but it’s a keeper. And Bill, well, he’s a regular sent Shane’s way here and there over the years as a reminder. It’s wonderful to have another “sibling”!

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