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And they began happily ever after …

Bean looking beyond lovely, complete with hair styled in likeness to a shot of Selena Gomez via her request (Bean’s, not Selena’s) with a dramatic side sweep of curls. Having shopped around for veils and fascinators galore, and remaining less than thrilled with what was available, I fashioned her one myself, along with the accompanying lock to Shane’s key and a secret childhood ode nestled within for those in the “nose” only.

Sporting red felt suspenders that’ve been mine since the age of two, Elliott could hardly have been cuter as ring bearer. I love being regaled with the latest stories often showcasing the wisdom he possesses far beyond his years. However, that all went to pot upon his discovering the power of a microphone. With his father emceeing the reception, Elliott chose to treat easy access to the mic as a confessional. Several “confessions” in, he announces, “Sometimes I put my toys away,“ and a beat later, tugging on his dad’s tie to lower the microphone yet again, he continues, “And sometimes, I don’t.”

The Players

Taking a Chance on Love.

The groom representing his country of origin via the bride’s gift of cufflinks handcrafted and distressed by a friend. That evening’s dance partner- though not upstaging the groom- he certainly knew how to make an entrance, adding a palatable amount of punk to the soiree with his top hat, mohawk, studs, and kilt. His skirt was nearly prettier than mine.


Possessing the key to another’s heart. Five years into a serious relationship sure to culminate in matrimony, Shane walked into Bean’s life, and quickly confused the matter with his undivided attention and common kindnesses mostly abandoned by the boyfriend (his accent didn’t seem to hurt either). Does she stick around and see it through with so much time invested with someone already, or does she risk it all for something possibly more fulfilling, something sparked to fire by one that only glimmers with the other. That better fit. Though not without its pain or difficulty, Bean chose, and chose well, despite the risk of coupling with a guy four years her junior which at the time, seemed a largish gap, as Shane was a mere twenty. Now at twenty-six, and one of seven brothers all or mostly in or on the way to wedded bliss, he seems cut from a cloth of devotion. They provide hope that a love that's true will yet find me as well.

But a few details.

Guest Book

Be Our Guest.

Putting my wonkish writing to good use. It was a circus-themed affair peppered heavily with an array of Disney references as Bean loves Disney nearly as much as she loves books, and Shane loves Disney nearly as much as he loves Bean.

The Goods

It goes without saying.

Portable cake- a large tiered tower of salted caramel cuppiecakes in the most blueish of velvet, as opposed to the all too common red, was enjoyed by most all. NOTE: don’t lick the salt, eat it alongside the caramel and cake. Le and duh.


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