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I was tagged by Flower of Fire. YAY!

6 Weird Things | Habits ... why is this so difficult?! I'm part weirdo, Gonzo's one of the uncles, I swear (Muppet reference), and yet, the darndest thing, I can't easily come up with some weirdness to share. Even asked Bean, because if anyone's gonna have the lowdown on my inner and outer weirdness, it's gonna be her. Our minds must be melded though because she came up with the very list that I did. So, here goes:

1. I beg my sister to see nearly every horror movie released with me (I know, garbage in/garbage out), but then I watch with my eyes covered for a majority of the movie. Instead I watch her watch it and ask her what's happening and then I ask her, "What?! How can you look at that? Don't watch that!"

2. Bean and I should so go work for Sesame Street! We do voices for a bevy of stuffed and plastic critters in our home on a daily basis. They have "conversations.”

"Critters" being a plastic doll named Boo from that movie Monsters Inc., a duplicate doll called Boo-Too (why we have two is beyond me), a stuffed version of Boo (see a pattern here?) named Nubu, as in "New Boo" since she was the third to arrive. The original Boo wasn't havin' it though, a "new" Boo, that is, hence the modified spelling of "Nubu.” Bean was fairly obsessed with the Boo character to say the very least!

And of course, there's Bean's dog, a 22-year-old stuffed toy beagle (Snoopy's sister, Belle), and lastly, so as to bring me into her dementia (and I happily followed) she bought me a stuffed dog she named Nesbit Humperdink, Nez for short. Just last week, I suggested that we give puppet performances come summertime, considering our deck looks out over the playground.

3. I pepper french fries. I pepper vanilla ice cream.

4. Last year I had 43 candles in my bedroom, dispersed along little shelves on the wall, downsized to 23. Now, I have a paltry seven since I moved. A handsome seven they are though!

5. I accidentally superglued my hands together, fingertip to fingertip.

6. I look forward to my bottle of rubber cement collecting semi-dried bits of cement at the mouth of the bottle because then I can smoosh the round blobs of gooeyness between my fingers like clay. Completely delightful!


1) Shannon 2) Jean 3) Bonnie 4) Jess 5) Cliff 6) Yvonne


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